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Ronzo’s Disstopia

Friday, May 23rd, 2008 by Vassilios

exhibition poster

Disstopia features all new canvases, collages, installations and drawings by long time friend and less rain collaborator Ronzo - also known as Ron Jonzo. The new work is based on an apocalyptic vision set in the wastelands of what was once the City of London.

19th of June - 06 of July

StolenSpace Gallery, London

Stofanel Investment AG

Saturday, May 10th, 2008 by Thomas

We’ve recently completed the website for the German/Italian property investment firm Stofanel Investment AG.

A subtle use of Flash and Papervision 3D creates an abstract, dreamy and atmospheric paper space to reflect the company’s vision of a harmonious relationship between nature, architecture, community and self.

The corporate identity we developed in collaboration with yippieyeah is based on botanic patterns (Phyllotaxy) as you would find in the growth patterns of sun flowers for example - it underlines the companies dedication to nature and community.

Regular readers will be pleased to find the site equipped with our usual technical treatment: fully dynamic, browser-button- and deeplink enabled (thanks to SWFAddress) and HTML-version for search engine optimization.