Hyperousia & Shin Tanaka shirts

June 15th, 2007 by Thomas

Hyperousia is a Californian streetwear brand that has just launched a series of t-shirts designed in cooperation with Shin Tanaka, who had exhibited his work in our Berlin office before.

Hyperousia is a foundation that wants to help poor children through streetwear fashion. The kiku flower featured on the shirt symbolizes death and pays tribute to those kids who died from poverty and struggle. You get a Spiky Baby included when you purchase the tees online.


Check out their online store on http://www.hyperousia.com/

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  1. eduardo Says:

    can i get a catalog os the shin tanaka t-shirts

  2. Carsten Schneider Says:

    Please contact Hyperousia, info (at) hyperousia.com

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