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Red Bull Soapbox Racer

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 by Carsten Schneider

Red Bull Soapbox Racer

Red Bull Soapbox - kids of all ages in self-made cars, racing down a steep hill. An extremely popular event, held throughout the year across the globe. The cars are powered by gravity only, no engines allowed but all dreams and colors.

And now it’s online! All of it, the cars, the race, the place to meet and challenge your friends. We call it Red Bull Soapbox Racer and racing you will.

Race first, think later

One single click on “Race now” and you find yourself on top of a steep road, pointing downhill. While the countdown is running, please be reminded that the game is based on a realistic physics simulation and you should not not not smash into one of those nice obstacles. Do collect cans for an extra speed boost and don’t forget the spanners. With ultra speed comes maybe damage.

Red Bull Soapbox Racer

If you didn’t win instantly the first time, maybe it was the wrong track. We have tracks for everybody, Wildwest, Night Ride, Turkish Riviera, Waterland, Alpengl├╝ck - many more will be added. Or was there a problem with the car?

Another car, another race

Red Bull Soapbox Racer lets you build your own car in 3D. Just draw the outline with your mouse. It’s really that simple and everything you draw will have an effect later in the game. The rounder the wheels the better, reconsider materials, use more stickers, paint, use colors, use more colors than your opponents, use every tool you have at least once. And winning races will get you even more of those. (THERE IS A NAILGUN!)

Red Bull Soapbox Racer

Give it some love, cars will be rated by who-knows-what so make sure there is no doubt. You may also browse through all existing cars for some inspiration.

The Challenge

After tinkering and test driving for a while there comes a point in time where you are quite sure to have the best car ever built on this planet. Challenge your friends! Invite them by E-Mail or simply click on the name of your long-time-rival in the so-called friends list.

A challenge works like this: Start the challenge and you have three attempts to race your best time. After that your opponent will be notified and offered three rounds to beat your time.

And after that, there is the highscore list for everyone to see.

Steeper, faster, harder

It’s even better to challenge somebody on your own surprise track. Give it a try, it’s simpler than building cars. Draw with your mouse where the street should go, done. Then, if you like, adjust the downward slope with some gusto and remember the guideline: The steeper the faster. Place obstacles and power-ups as you see fit, some recommend at least one can of Red Bull.

Red Bull Soapbox Racer

Red Bull Soapbox Racer is the latest addition to our creative online communities. Make your race times heard, we sure will try to beat you. See you on the circuit!

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Red Bull Flugtag Flight Lab - Mini Hangar Widget

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 by Carsten Schneider

As a practical add-on for our loyal Flight Lab users we created a mini hangar widget that users can embed on their blog, social platform profile etc.

We happily used Clearspring as the platform for our widget, just click “Get this and Share” and take it away. If you enter the e-mail address you registered with at Flight Lab, the widget display your own planes to show off your flight machine building skills.

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Stofanel Investment AG

Saturday, May 10th, 2008 by Thomas

We’ve recently completed the website for the German/Italian property investment firm Stofanel Investment AG.

A subtle use of Flash and Papervision 3D creates an abstract, dreamy and atmospheric paper space to reflect the company’s vision of a harmonious relationship between nature, architecture, community and self.

The corporate identity we developed in collaboration with yippieyeah is based on botanic patterns (Phyllotaxy) as you would find in the growth patterns of sun flowers for example - it underlines the companies dedication to nature and community.

Regular readers will be pleased to find the site equipped with our usual technical treatment: fully dynamic, browser-button- and deeplink enabled (thanks to SWFAddress) and HTML-version for search engine optimization.

O2 The Memory Project

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 by Luis

Last Friday we launched the first part of The Memory Project, an online 3D image bank (made with PV3D) of the 21st century ‘cyclorama’ created by artist Jason Bruges.

Inspired by Bluebook, the artist Jason Bruges has created The Memory Project - a 21st century ‘cyclorama’. The structure camera-captures panoramic moments in time and stores them within its digital memory bank. Inside, visitors can explore the stored history of the installation and interact with the displayed 360 degree images.

The Memory Project tours in April 2008, collating the mass memory of London, Edinburgh and Liverpool en route. You can delve even deeper into these public memory banks at from Friday 18th April 2008.

BBC NEWS: Life in London captured digitally

DESIGN WEEK: O2 to launch Bluebook installation by Bruges.