Flash: Comment your classes!

September 27th, 2005 by Thomas

Nothing new, but always a good read:

How to Write Doc Comments (Syntax reference)

Javadoc-style comments in AS2 classes can be used to generate HTML files with the API specification of your project, by using tools like VisDoc, who also have a documentation on writing doc comments

4 Responses to “Flash: Comment your classes!”

  1. Luis Says:

    ac NaturalDocs Generator:

    FlashMX 2004 Extension

  2. Luis Says:

    Processes AS2.0 Classes, class methods and properties, Interfaces and interface method declarations, a NaturalDocs compatible block comment is created for any found class member or class/interface declaration which is currently uncommented.


  3. John Giotta Says:

    I think I should mention that VisDoc is for Mac only.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for mentioning that!

    Luis Alberto - the world famous brain-based search engine for everything Flash related ;) - has pointed me to some PC tools that do the same thing (I haven’t tested any of these…)


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