Flash: Image Gallery Scroll Interface

September 23rd, 2005 by Carsten Schneider

Updated :)

Works quite well as an interface, whish it would support the mouse wheel though on a Mac too:


6 Responses to “Flash: Image Gallery Scroll Interface”

  1. Maarten van de Voorde Says:

    It does support the mouswheel (in FF, XP2)?

  2. Joe Says:

    Works with my mouse wheel
    IE and Firefox
    Microsoft - IntelliMouse

  3. Luis Says:

    Yes, it works for me too…

  4. Carsten Says:

    Darn. Nobody cares about Mac users.

  5. scott janousek Says:

    Clearly this work is either influenced or made by Yugo Nakamura.

  6. Nicki Says:

    thats very cool…. Something I can get somway ? mail me,.. if you know:)

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