Flash: Video+ Reflection+Ripples+Surfing

September 22nd, 2005 by Luis

Nothing exceptionally new here, just testing the ‘power’ of the new flash 8 player putting together Video, masks and bitmap effects in the trailer of my favourite documentary (Riding Giants).

A contextual modification modification of the reflection example from Lee Bremelow.

Click the thumbnail to see the swf sample:

riding giants

5 Responses to “Flash: Video+ Reflection+Ripples+Surfing”

  1. Jay Fenton Says:


    Just wondered what perlinNoise parameters you used to get the subtle water effect? Is there an .fla around for this one?



  2. Luis Says:

    Something like this:

    offset.y -= .8;
    myNoise.perlinNoise(0, 10, 1, 500, true, true, 1, true, offset);
    displaceMap = new DisplacementMapFilter(myNoise, p, 1, 1, 100, 100, ‘WRAP’);
    myImage.filters = [displaceMap];

  3. pipou Says:


    it it possible to post the code or is it private ?


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  5. Tom Says:

    The example is fine, but we all would appreciate the code.

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