O2 The Memory Project

April 22nd, 2008 by Luis

Last Friday we launched the first part of The Memory Project, an online 3D image bank (made with PV3D) of the 21st century ‘cyclorama’ created by artist Jason Bruges.

Inspired by Bluebook, the artist Jason Bruges has created The Memory Project - a 21st century ‘cyclorama’. The structure camera-captures panoramic moments in time and stores them within its digital memory bank. Inside, visitors can explore the stored history of the installation and interact with the displayed 360 degree images.

The Memory Project tours in April 2008, collating the mass memory of London, Edinburgh and Liverpool en route. You can delve even deeper into these public memory banks at www.o2memoryproject.com from Friday 18th April 2008.

BBC NEWS: Life in London captured digitally

DESIGN WEEK: O2 to launch Bluebook installation by Bruges.

3 Responses to “O2 The Memory Project”

  1. mo Says:

    Brilliant work!

  2. yeohgh Says:

    Great installation work, welldone!!!

  3. christian Says:

    I visit the site and I’m sorry to admit that the navigation was painful, I presume the slow performances due to the 3d computation didn’t help.

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