Papervision3D: PaperDude Demo

February 8th, 2007 by Luis

This is not about performance or Collada or clipping issues in PV3D, this is just about Paperfun and imperfections.

The very first time I heard about Papervision 3D I thought about my first experience with 3D when I was a little kid, it wasn’t related with computers at all, it was a very basic set of plane paper dolls similar to this.

Based on that old memories I decided to have a bit of Paperfun and crete the Paperdude.

Click here to see the demo.

UPDATE 20-02-2008 (Paperdude Second Generation):


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15 Responses to “Papervision3D: PaperDude Demo”

  1. caché » Blog Archive » paperdude Says:

    Impresionante demo de papervision3D

  2. Matthias Says:

    Yeeeah, Run Paperdude, run!

  3. Luis Says:

    He is running to the Old Blue Last

  4. mr.doob Says:

    Great one Luis!!

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  6. hawken Says:

    really, that’s quite incredible.

  7. hawken Says:

    sorry to do a double spam:

    will be really interesting if they incorporate 3d into the next version of flash, seeing how Director 3D seems to have dropped the ball… and is unsupported on intel macs (although that hardly seem like an issue)

    I would be particularly interested to see what happens with 3d multiuser environments in flash, pick up where director left off.

  8. lessrain blog Blog Archive Papervision 3D Demos Says:

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  9. Ludwig Van Says:

    How are you storing the animation data? Is the source available?

  10. Luis Says:

    There is not animation data involve, it is only a basic Inverse Kinematics engine applied to the different parts of the body, in this case 3D planes.

  11. Rafeo Says:

    Did you mean it was made without any imported animation but only 3D planes? Awesome but challenging!

  12. Luis Says:

    Yes, only 3D planes with basic IK engine apply to each one. The only problem I had was the rotation point of the plane but I solved by adding extra width or height and keeping the center of the plane as the registration point.

  13. Vincent Says:

    i seem to be a bit late on this example, but i’m really interested about importing mocap data into papervision. Could you hint me as to how this was accomplished ? do you use an opensource importer or have you developped your own ? i can’t find the old svn branches so i have a last question : is this going to be implemented in future version of pv3d ? i don’t need any source code but rather all the help i can get !
    thanks !

  14. Nate Says:

    Great demo. I am interested in inverse kinematics and am wondering about the design of your eninge. Are you using numerical or analytical methods?


  15. Kenneth Weiss Says:

    Hey Luis, Do you know where I can find the bvh importer?
    I can’t find it in PV3D anymore.

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