Shin Tanaka, Paper Craft Exhibition

August 15th, 2006 by Carsten Schneider

Shin Tanaka, Paper Craft Exhibition

Less Rain exhibits Shin Tanaka’s collection of paper crafts, designed by himself and other Japanese graffiti artists and illustrators. Additionally, we have invited European artists to contribute their own designs.

The exhibition starts August 18th, opening night on the 17th, in our basement gallery, Linienstrasse 154a, 10115 Berlin.

More on our website. See Shin’s paper crafts on his website.

Update: You can now spray on Shin’s Wallman at Here’s the archive with what has been created so far. The best Wallmen will make it into the exhibition.

Press Release after the jump:

Shin Tanaka, Paper Craft Exhibition

Origami meets street art. Less Rain presents Shin Tanaka’s collection of paper Origami. Designed by himself and other Japanese and European graffiti artists and illustrators, he created new facets of these iconic objects. The special clue: Everybody can create an own version of the paper toys T-Boy, Gritty or Spike. The artist puts the paper toy templates on his website so that everyone can download, customise, build and display an own individual character.

Shin Tanaka, Paper Craft Exhibition

The graphic artist and illustrator Shin Tanaka mixes the traditional Japanese art of paper origami with modern illustrative styles. In extensive handwork small paper toys become art objects. So he creates an exciting link between the two cultures. The traditional Japan becomes visual and is now influenced by modern street art. Shin Tanaka got popular in a very short time, thank to the strong communication impact of the internet, the numerous forums, blogs and the idea to share his art with others.

Shin Tanaka, Paper Craft Exhibition

Shin started his playful passion for origami paper art driven by a simple motivation. He wanted to create all the sneakers he couldn’t afford during his studies. He created little paper models of his favourite shoes and out them on his website. Finally his work was displayed in a showcase of the NIKE design library and his work attracted a growing number of fans including sneaker freaks, graphic designers and street artists. He got popular with the T-Boy, his youngest paper model, which he developed on his research for a new surface for his graffiti pieces. Because it is very easy to fold the T-Boy and the other toys like Gritty and Spiky, the number of collectors grew fast. In less than one year Shin Tanaka gave his characters new faces in cooperation with over 80 brands (Adidas, Ark United, etc.) and many different artists.

The exhibition opens August 18th in the gallery of the design bureau Less Rain. The agency is not only connected with Tanaka because of its love to Japan. Currently Less Rain builds up its location in Tokyo. The agency also feels connected to street art. In a digital way, of course: Less Rain developed a graffiti spray tool. With this tool you can spray virtually and legally on a high level. That show the over five million graffiti exhibited online at

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  2. Rob Says:

    Some pictures from the event:

  3. Kevin Says:

    Great pics. We just did a collabo with Shin Tanaka if you guys are interested. Check out the collection page here at Thanks.

  4. Exhibition displays Says:

    I guess these models especially made as a canvas for graffiti writers and designers who want to present their work for public! But everybody is welcome!!!

  5. Says:

    well , i am a paper sculptor and i wanna take care in the exhibition , is there any way that i could be able to participate in the exhibition

  6. MLmayko Says:

    I really like these origami, it’s so different from what I’m use to seeing. I make origami aswell but this is great !

  7. Swarovski Says:

    These are so cool!! Is there any chance the Exhibition will be coming to the UK? The pictures of the event look great. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. William quartz Says:

    ah! Look at that cacky rat like things.I love ‘em.

  9. Dwight Says:

    Great pictures! Very creative.

  10. kikumi Says:

    The concept behind these art works is like reliving the past and combining it with the contemporary which I find very interesting. I have had admiration to artists that combine different cultures in their art works. I think it somehow creates a dynamic work of art. It adds depth to the art work.

  11. ale Says:

    hi everybody! Does anybody know where can I download those papertoys? Expecially I would like to know where can I find the red one, with the big mouth..

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