Snow Interactive Installation

December 13th, 2010 by Luis

Inspired by the RSA Animate video, we decided to have a R&D day where our team could experiment with different technologies. We loved playing with the Xbox Kinect so, as a personal project, just in time for our Christmas Party our developers created an interactive installation called ‘Snow’.

Snow is an immersive and fun experience where snowclouds follow you around on screen and softly drop snowflakes onto your body.

Snow Interactive Installation

Snow Interactive Installation

The project was developed in openFrameworks (c++) using addons such as ofxOpenCV for image processing, ofxBox2d for the clouds behaviour, ofxKinect and the libfreenect driver for body tracking. Many thanks to Microsoft for bringing this technology to market, and thanks to the openframeworks and openkinect communities for their support.

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    Great Work. Have you a Downloadlink for this? I want this.

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