The Art of FLIGHT

September 21st, 2011 by Carsten Schneider

Coinciding with the “The Art of FLIGHT” movie premiere on September 7 2011, we launched a new online game for Red Bull:

The Art of FLIGHT game powers you to enjoy an adrenalin-fuelled ride, based on snowboarder Travis Rice’s experience of riding several of the most extreme terrains across some of the most remote places on Earth.

Featuring three un-lockable levels with breathtaking landscapes set across the USA, Alaska and Patagonia, Argentina. The Art of FLIGHT game challenges you to use your dexterity and reaction speed to test your online snowboarding skills. Navigating across tricky terrains and performing neat tricks with a delicate balance of speed and accuracy, you too can grab a piece of the movie’s action.

Right now, top scores can win one of 5 custom Lib Tech Art Of FLIGHT snowboards. More info on the competition here - and more prizes to come soon!

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